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$1,800.00 $1,199.00
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Weight: 2 lbs

En Lecture Par Maxim

This is a quality Bronze figurine of a Chinese person studying, and this piece is done with exquisite detail. Size is 5”H  x 3” D x 4” W mounted on a  marble base.


The bronze is natural patina and possibly has had some gold leaf or at least gold paint., on the piece and the chair. The detail and craftsmanship is extremely high quality. You can see fine detail in the garments, a Dragon on the front. Event the braided hair has fine detail.


We have found two references to Par Maxim, one thinks pre 1800, and the other is this same figurine for sale in an antique store in London England. Theirs has been painted and they describe it as Austrian, circa 1920. (they have another figurine by the same artist circa 1900)  The are pricing it at 1100 British pounds, when I checked it that converted to  $1,803.00 US Dollars.

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