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475 Year Old Book This is beyond Rare (1)

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 This is more than a Rare book find. This book was printed in the year 1534.  We are told that it is in the Gothic Alphabet.  At first glance it appears to be German, but we were told it is Gothic.  The binding could be original, and its condition looks about the same as you would if you were 475 years old. (Seriously) It is wood, and the end has some type of cloth and that was covered with an animal skin, or hide.  The hide seems to have had a coating on it. There are animal skin hinges.  The front wood of the book split as you can see, and someone has taken some cardboard like paper and stapled it on the inside of the cover but it didn't hold the two pieces.  On that paper some one has put the year 1902 then minus 1534, to figure that at that time (probably of their purchase) it was 368 years old. There are rawhide strips that appear to be a way of tying the book close maybe when in transit. 
Inside this book there are a number of hand written "Notes ".  These notes are in a non-English language. They look like someone was studying this book; perhaps a student or perhaps someone used its information in their profession. There are illustrations throughout the book and probably the same person that made the notes, also hand colored some of the illustrations. It appears that they used watercolor paint type material. It looks sad but it is actually pretty much all there. Looks like that fact that the cover was broken and open, the top papers are not in great shape. But there is very little loss to the printed material. Of course this can be re-furbished, and it may be best for it. 
The subject matter seems to be an illustrated piece on Herbs, Plants, and some Flowers.  Some parts of this book resemble a Catalog, or at least reference material. So this can be one of the oldest educational reference books on these subjects, and someone can now compare today's information and possibly see the evolution of information. Possibly there are now extinct species that we didn't know existed.

As you can see this book is not in perfect condition, so we will be auctioning it in “As Is”

condition. No warranty, no return.

 What we have written here is what we think about this book, and please understand that we may not be correct in our descriptions.  Gothic Alphabet for example.


(A side note about printing in that time of history.  The history of the oldest press in the world, a history that extends from the sixteenth century to the present day. Although there was, briefly, a press at Cambridge University in the early 1520s, the origins of the modern University Press spring from a charter granted to the University by Henry VIII in 1534, to provide for printers who would be able to work outside London and serve the University)  This book may have had nothing to do with London, but it show that another area of the world was also printing with a press. Surely the type was all hand set and this must have taken a very long time to set up the print and illustrations for this book.)


It is 12” x 9”


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