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View Sold Items to get Idea of value

Look through the sold items and be sure you check the date sold, to get some idea of what your item might be worth.

We have a lot of people asking for a value of an item they own.

We receive emails asking us for value but no pictures. So the best way to help is for you to browse through and get some comparisons, of what we have previously dispatched.

There are a few items on display that are not for sale at this time, mostly some Coins



Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming and there are some great items to look at for decoration, and gifts.

Let your friends know that some of our valuable collector items are at very low prices, and now it the time to start looking because the next thing we have coming is Christmas


Easy Check Out

We have set the Check Out to be as simple and trouble free as possible.

After placing  your items in the Shopping Cart

Just keep clicking "Continue" and after Choosing your preferred Shipping.

You will be sent to PayPal.


PayPal is an easy account to set up if you don't already have an account.

When you put in your payment method, Credit Card or Bank Account, and finish the process.  You will find that this makes buying items on the internet, Safe and Secure.

Both The Vendor and Customers like PayPal for these reasons.

Great Prints

We have 4 Bev Doolittle Prints.

All nicely framed


The month of October is OFFER month

So feel free on any item to make an OFFER.

Use the feedback to write to us and we will get back to you ASAP

Multi Purchase Freight

If you find more than one item you would like to purchase, then remember to mention that and we will save you money on shipping  where possible.

Click to Enlarge Pictures

Just a note about the pictures of each item.  If you click on them, they will get bigger, and then you can enlarge again.  Look in the lower right and see a blue box, click and they get enormous.  The upper right lets you go to the next pix or close.


Remember you can e mail us through the Feedback or call 909-721-6318

Call for Purchase

Thanks for looking and should you have any  questions about any items feel free to call


We can be contacted between 8 Am and 10:30 Pm Pacific Time




Please leave a message and we will return the call as soon as possible




Elenas Antiques and Things

Open For Business

Please join our site so we can send you a variety of things. Newsletter,  Money saving coupons, ets.  We also will devlope a request form.  If you have an item that you are looking for, maybe to round out a collection, or a hard to find item, we can use this information in case we come across something we think you would like.  We attend auctions and can often get you some thing at a great price.

We are open!

Well, we finally have a nice web site, and are getting it up and running.  We have so many different types of items, so we are getting pictures, and descriptions ready to post.

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