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Elkington & Co Silver Plate Tea and Coffee Set

$1,000.00 $299.00
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Weight: 10 lbs
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Elkington & Co Silver Plate Tea and Coffee Set.

This is a beautiful Silver setting manufactured by Elkington & Co.  These items are in about perfect condition. They have no dents or scratches. The handles on the tea and coffee have a minor, minor looseness to them. It is because there is a Ivory or bone where the pieces connect and over the years has shrunk a little. It’s microscopic, but you can feel it. The coffee, tea, and sugar pieces all have the same markings except for the letter, which is either Sugar-M, Coffee-N ,Tea-O Creamer-N.

Reading the Silver marks and the number "8022",  the best we can interpute and this is no guarentee that we are 100% correct, we think they are made in the 1850”s.

The Serving Tray is not from Elkington but is Stamped “EPCA Old English by Poole 5921”


Pretty  Pretty  Set



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