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Old Carved Wood Music Stand

Out of stock

Old Ship Oil on canvass 20” x 24” Frame is 29”H x 33”W

Very nice oil painting signed by Vaselli?

Out of stock

Music In The Wind

Signed Limited Edition Lithograph

"Nature provides a chorus of lively sounds to both inspire and lift the human spirit, or to relax and soothe out troubled hearts. But how does an artist communicate the emotional spirit of music in a strictly visual medium?

I believe nature would provide an answer. And it did."--Bev Doolittle

Framed size 15.5" X 42"


Cloisonne Art


Butterflies #7


Butterflies #8



Out of stock

Bradley and Hubbard Marble Top Stand  20 ½” x 10” x 10” Top the overall width is 14” x 14”

Forged  Iron 

Out of stock

"Le billet doux"




"Willow Bridge"

Print by Koson (Shoson OHARA, 1877-1945)

Rare and in excellent condition.

Artist signed and considered one of his best pieces.

Out of stock

Fernand Leger (1881-1955)

Out of stock

Landscape by Sullivan 

This is a very beautiful landscape and it is in a very nice frame.

Out of stock

Fall Landscape by W. Brauer  31”H x 42” W

Out of stock


 Jade Chinese Urn

Mounted on delicate wood carved stand 

Out of stock

Old Carved Jade Box

Out of stock


Out of stock


2 Old Oriental Pictures

Out of stock


Golf balls

Out of stock

"Atque in Ventos Vita Recessit" Gaspard Duchange



Out of stock

 Jade Mirror

Out of stock


J.A. Bauer Pottery LA


Out of stock

This is a high quality reproduction of Claud Monet's Bridge at Argenteuil 1874



Out of stock

Medical Office by Robert Marble.  This is an Offset Lithograph. From 1984 on Quintessence paper.

Out of stock

Old Carved Wood Artifacts

Out of stock

 Oil/Kerosene Lamp

Out of stock

The Spirit Takes Flight by Bev Doolittle

This painting of a patch of ground speaks of the man that made the arrow head that lies there.

Out of stock



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