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Out of stock

Kerosene/Oil Lamp


 Oil/Electric/Kerosene Lamp  

Out of stock

 Oil/Kerosene Lamp

Out of stock

Oil/Kerosene Lamp

Out of stock

"Windblown" Sculpture Statue based on original by Klara Sever, Woman by Austin Prod. 24’ Clay figurine. 

Nicely done clay figurine of a woman in a breeze holding her hat.  Dated 1980.

Out of stock

"Willow Bridge"

Print by Koson (Shoson OHARA, 1877-1945)

Rare and in excellent condition.

Artist signed and considered one of his best pieces.

Out of stock


Out of stock

Madame Alexander Sleeping Beauty 13" Doll

Original Box, original tags, excellent condition. 

Out of stock


Out of stock

This is a very pretty ,well dresed collectable doll.  Made by the Duck House Doll company. At 27"

Out of stock

  Head of Amenhotep II Egyptian Dynasty 18,c.  1450-25 B.C. This figurine is from the Metropolitan Muesum of Art.  A reproduction in Black Granite of the original Head,

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Out of stock

Old Carved Jade Box

Out of stock

Butterflies #7


Butterflies #8


 Jade Mirror

Out of stock


2 Old Oriental Pictures


 Fashion Print 



Out of stock

Stoneware Eggs

Out of stock

This is a high quality reproduction of Claud Monet's Bridge at Argenteuil 1874


Medical Office by Robert Marble.  This is an Offset Lithograph. From 1984 on Quintessence paper.

Out of stock

Chinese Junk 9 ½” x 10”  Display Case is glass with mirror on front with clear opening so see the Chinese Junk


  Vintage  Panel


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