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Chinese man on a Horse. Contemplating.  This is a metal cast piece and it appears too be qute old.


EN LECTURE   Par Maxim   5”

This is a very high quality Antique bronze figurine with excellent detail


Chinese hand painted vase

Out of stock

Chinese Porcelain Vase


"Windblown" Sculpture Statue based on original by Klara Sever, Woman by Austin Prod. 24’ Clay figurine. 

Nicely done clay figurine of a woman in a breeze holding her hat.  Dated 1980.

Out of stock

Girl Picking Fruit 30”

Super quality figural. Attention to detail and color.


Two French Girls 40”

This is probably one of the most beautiful lamps we have seen

Out of stock

  Head of Amenhotep II Egyptian Dynasty 18,c.  1450-25 B.C. This figurine is from the Metropolitan Muesum of Art.  A reproduction in Black Granite of the original Head,

Out of stock

Chinese Junk 9 ½” x 10”  Display Case is glass with mirror on front with clear opening so see the Chinese Junk


Porcelain Doll Head

Out of stock

Stork Bronze and Painted 26”

This is a heavy Bronze/Brass Painted Stork figurine.


Metal Green Bronze Art Nouveau

This is a two lamp set.

Out of stock

America Brass Dual post 20”

Turn of the century style Brass Lamp Two Scalloped Glass Covers


  Porcelain Doll


Colorful ceramic box made by JARU.  Good colors and the finish is outstanding

4.5" x 8.5" x 6"

Out of stock


Germany Porcelain

Out of stock

Tiffany Style Swan Night Lights 8.5”

Out of stock

Romeo 18”

High quality sculpture of a roman statue named Romeo.


French Man on a Chair.  6’


 PICKARD Porcelain

Out of stock


Lenox Vase


 2 Clown Figurine

Out of stock

Italian porcelain

Out of stock


Out of stock

Pirken Hammer Czechoslovakia ceramic


Out of stock

2 carousel horses with music

Out of stock
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