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AU 999  7.78

1/10 OZ 9999 GOLD



Bottle openers


Old Carved Wood Music Stand

Out of stock



This is a Madame Alexander "Blue Boy" 11" #1340  Doll


Madame Alexander Miss Muffet 7.5"

Excellent condition and in the original box


Chinese man on a Horse. Contemplating.  This is a metal cast piece and it appears too be qute old.


Madame Alexander Doll part of the Little Women Collection

This is the 7.5"

This is a vintage doll with original box and the only little thing is she is missing one shoe.


Product Features

·                     No Longer Available from Madame Alexander

·                     Vintage Collectible doll from the Little Women Series

Stands approx 8 inches tall

Buy any two Madame Alexander dolls and save on shipping and receive a 15 % discount on the purchase.


Madame Alexander Scarlett #425  7.5"

Original from Gone With the Wind Series and in the original box

Out of stock

Madame Alexander Doll Betsy Ross 8” Doll

This is a vintage doll with original box and the dress has the original tag. From the 1970’s era..

Out of stock

EN LECTURE   Par Maxim   5”

This is a very high quality Antique bronze figurine with excellent detail


Madame Alexander Sleeping Beauty 13" Doll

Original Box, original tags, excellent condition. 

Out of stock

Butterflies #8



Old African Wood Statue

Out of stock



Medical Office by Robert Marble.  This is an Offset Lithograph. From 1984 on Quintessence paper.

Out of stock


Old spice box from 1965

Out of stock

  Head of Amenhotep II Egyptian Dynasty 18,c.  1450-25 B.C. This figurine is from the Metropolitan Muesum of Art.  A reproduction in Black Granite of the original Head,

Out of stock





Bronze Shiva

Out of stock

Old fire extinguisher

Out of stock



Meridan Britannia Silver marks and Pattern 1868.

Out of stock

This is a very pretty ,well dresed collectable doll.  Made by the Duck House Doll company. At 27"

Out of stock

Landscape by Sullivan 

This is a very beautiful landscape and it is in a very nice frame.

Out of stock


2 Old Oriental Pictures

Out of stock

Madame Alexander "United  States" #559  7.5"


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